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We are the UK's leading CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc replication service, offering low prices, free of charge delivery to UK Mainland, and free glass mastering deals. We are the sister company to Duplication Centre Ltd. Whilst Duplication Centre caters for runs of upto 500 discs and is executed in the UK factory, our Replication Centre service is suitable for runs of 500 to millions of discs, and is executed by our ISO certified partner in the Czech Republic.

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CD and DVD Replication

Replication Centre offers the UKs´ leading CD replication and DVD replication services for orders of 500 units and upwards. We offer simple bulk pack and stand CD replication and DVD replication configurations through to multipage Digipak configurations.


Replication Centre offers the UK's leading Digipak and Digipack services for orders of 500 units upwards. We offer both CD Digipak & DVD Digipak configurations in 4, 6 & 8 page formats together with booklets, if required. Standard machine finish can be upgraded to Gloss or Matt lamination.

CD and DVD Pressing

Our CD Pressing and DVD Pressing service provides a cost effective, time efficient method of mass producing your data, audio and video. The CD Pressing and DVD Pressing services we offer deliver a high quality professional package suited to your needs.

CD Manufacturing

Here at Replication Centre we offer a first class CD Manufacturing service using industry leading hardware to ensure only the highest quality. Our service is also fast, reliable and cost effective providing the very best in CD Manufacturing.

CD and DVD Replicator

Here at Replication Centre we offer the very best in CD replicator and DVD replicator services providing a high quality process at affordable prices. All our CD replicator and DVD replicator services come with free of charge delivery to the UK mainland.

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Qty Disc Product Price
1000 CD Delivered bulk packed £ 0.27
1000 CD Card wallet printed front and back full colour £ 0.48
1000 CD Packed in a standard jewel case, 4 page booklet & rear inlay full colour £ 0.58
1000 DVD5 Delivered on a bulk packed £ 0.37
1000 DVD5 Black DVD case with DVD wrap full colour £ 0.62
* All configurations include full colour on body printing.

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