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Printing the DVD Wrap and DVD Booklet

We print DVD wraps, DVD booklets, and other DVD case materials. Common options can be viewed and priced on our instant price tool, while other options are available on request. We use quality 135gsm paper, with heavier paper available upon request. 135gsm is the industry standard, and is the weight that feels most common in a customer’s hands. Our high quality printing techniques combine well with vivid artwork.

Producing a DVD Wrap and DVD Booklet that feels good

Our aim is to produce a product that looks and feels good in a customer’s hands. That means selecting the right printing process for the right graphics, and using good quality paper. Combine with a premium quality case, and our high standard disc replication, and the result is a well finished product.

What are the components used in a DVD case?

A DVD case has one or two printed components, depending on the project. There is the DVD Wrap and the DVD Booklet. In some cases only a DVD Wrap is used.

The DVD Wrap is inserted around the outside of the case, under a clear plastic film. It forms the visible part of the DVD case, like a book cover. The wrap looks very good if printed on both sides and combined with a clear DVD Case!

The optional booklet goes inside of the DVD Case, opposite the DVD. The booklet can be a single sided card, or 4 page double sided. Different printing options are available.

Using a CD case gives a slicker feel

DVD Cases are the traditional case for a DVD, but many customers are choosing to have their DVDs placed inside a CD case. Especially CD Clamshell cases, which are a tight mould around the disc. They look and feel light. A clear case works well with vivid on body disc printing.

Cheaper alternatives

For a tighter budget we suggest placing the DVD disc in a plastic wallet, available as standard. We are seeing customers place booklets inside the wallets. A cheap, unique, and slick way of protecting and presenting your DVD discs.

The finishing touch

A well printed DVD Wrap or DVD Booklet is nothing without the correct finish. Our printed material is professionally cut and accurately folder. It is assembled in its case and shipped to you ready for use.

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